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Service Details

Repost Promo:

Our Repost Promo packages are for Soundcloud Repost Promotion. We've been developing our Soundcloud pages since 2014 and love that our massive following is getting exposed to all new artists. Our pages reliably generate thousands of plays for the artists we work with! The repost will remain on the selected pages for over 1 year!

Below, you're able to chose between several different repost options. We've tried to rank them by the amount of exposure each package will provide you.

Please only select ONE repost package per order below. You're free to select Instagram and Spotify Promotion packages in addition to whichever repost package you chose!

Additional Promotion

Spotify Playlist Promo:

We have a reach of over 10k followers on Spotify and 6 different playlists. If you order playlist promotion, please be aware that we chose which playlists to add your songs to. We only guarantee one 1 month playlist addition when purchasing this package, but you may receive placement on up to 6 playlists.

LV Instagram Story Shoutout:

Our Instagram has become a hub for rising artists to promote their music! If you're interested in promotion on our Story, please include your Instagram username below and DM @loudvitamins (on Instagram) the content you want used on the story post.

You're free to change the Spotify and Instagram package order quantities from 1 to up to 10. We attempt to accommodate all promotion requests! 


Please allow 24-96 hours for reposts to be completed & 5-7 days for Story Shoutouts and Playlist Additions.