Soundcloud Promotion


Even though the Loud Vitamins Network is growing quicker than ever, sometimes artists require a larger reach than what we directly control at the moment. Over the past 2 years we've connected with some incredible curators around the world that are always down to work with us. These connections allow us to push your track even harder than ever before, generating thousands of streams.


Our SoundCloud PR campaigns consist of us securing support from promotional channels, artists, & tastemakers all over Soundcloud. Once we begin your campaign, all the reposts we secure for your song are recorded on a Google spreadsheet that you can access at anytime throughout the campaign to monitor our progress. All communication will be handled through e-mail, so please include an email address you regularly monitor. 

500,000 Total Follower Reach:  100$

1,000,000 Total Follower Reach: 150$

1,500,000 Total Follower Reach: 200$


*Campaigns can take 1-2 weeks to complete



If you're interested in reposts on our Soundcloud network, click here