Spotify PR

Expensive? Ask about our monthly installment plans.

Spotify PR is a unique promotional service we offer at the Loud Vitamins Network. With over 50 million subscribers and 100 million active users, Spotify is a breeding ground for new artists, constantly launching new careers on a daily basis. How do they do it? by being on the hottest playlists.

The best way to grow on Spotify is through playlist placement. We've developed a stable backbone of mainly independent Spotify playlists. Nobody can guarantee anything on this platform since the tastemakers need to like your music, but our method has proven to be highly effective.

Out of all the submissions we receive, we select the top tracks only to increase the chance of getting accepted by our network of curators who own over 250 playlists. This stable backbone gives the chance of getting onto the radar of Spotify itself and all of their playlists.

This service has a good ROI (Return of Investment) from the streams you will generate. This will cost money, but realize there are returns from the streams so please inquire only if you are willing to invest in your brand. If you want to use our Spotify promotion, please fill out the form below.

We only take on a maximum of 4 clients per month.