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With a network reach of 4,000,000+ across Spotify, Soundcloud & Instagram, we are able to deliver massive results at a rate nobody can compete with.

Playlist Campaigns

Over the years, we collected data on thousands of incredible playlists in our network. Our promotion team uses our tools to find the perfect spot for you and we work hard to get it for you.

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How It Works
Step 1: Start campaign

Submit your track to us! Select a campaign that has the level of exposure you're looking for.

Step 2: Review

Our team will listen to your song. Approve it for promotion and email you a live report where you can see the playlist placements in real-time.

Step 3: Pitching & Placements

Now our incredible team works hard to get the best placements possible for your song.

We appreciate your patience as we work through thousands of playlists until we find a spot for you.

Step 4: Results

Our placements are guaranteed. Our team will continue to pitch your song until we’ve achieved your desired reach. Once the song is in a playlist it will stay there for 1-4 months depending on the campaign size.

Our Mission:
Artists Deserve Better

We believe music shouldn't be controlled by a few major record labels & artists should own their music.

Our goal is to provide the services & resources that level the playing field for the independent artist.

We work with around 100 independent and signed artists each month and our placements are responsible for millions of streams on their releases.

Just letting you know..

If we do not believe your song is a good fit for our network/platform, we will cancel your campaign & issue a full refund.

Client Wins

Our clients have been showcased on some of the largest independent platforms in the music industry.

It's not easy getting on these platforms but going big on platforms like Spotify grabs their attention.