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With a network of 4,000,000+ across Spotify, Soundcloud & Instagram, we're able to deliver massive results at a rate no other agency can compete with.

Based in Los Angeles & Miami, our team is ready to give your release the attention it deserves.

We've released over 150 songs and are responsible for over 5,000,000+ streams on our label releases.

This is not including the millions of streams generated for the 3,000+ artists that made us their secret weapon already.

Our Mission:
Artists Deserve Better

We believe music shouldn't be controlled by a few major record labels & artists should own their music.

Our goal is to provide the services & resources that level the playing field for the independent artist.

Just letting you know..

If we do not believe your song is a good fit for our network/platform, we will issue a complete refund, 100%. 

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I've worked with LV for years, their team delivers for my releases time and time again. If you're looking for serious promotion, you've found it.

Landon Sears

I found Loud Vitamins through Soundcloud in 2016, and since then they've provided quality marketing for my music releases to hundreds of thousands of fans.


I am repeatedly impressed by the playlisting work these guys do. I always go to Loud Vitamins to push my songs out to the masses.

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